Wai Lana Goodbye Inertia DVD – 1 ea.


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Yoga is the best way to get fit! The time-tested postures and exercises work wonders on the body-both inside and out. Yoga tones your muscles, but that’s not all-even the internal systems of the body become stronger and healthier. Your nerves, circulation, and digestion improve so your body can work more efficiently. Goodbye Inertia takes you through a series of exercises that will banish your lethargy. You will: Wake up your spine with spinal twists-and that means energy! Tone kidneys, liver, and pancreas Slim your waistline Tone sciatic nerves and adrenal glands Improve the health of your reproductive organs FEATURES: Customized Personal Workout One Asana at a Time Opcion de idioma espanol (Spanish language option) Meditation Quick Hints Running time approx.50 min Level: Intermediate


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