Wai Lana Hello Fitness Series DVD Tripack – 1 ea.


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Wai Lana’s Hello Fitness DVD Tripack includes: Wake Up Body DVD Yoga is a powerful tool for achieving physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. An age-old science originating in the East, yoga is rapidly gaining popularity in Western countries as people look for ways to keep fit and reduce stress. Yoga does both. The Wake Up Body workout will do just that. You will feel alert and energized at the end of the session. Your mind will be refreshed and your spirit awakened. Increase the flexibility and strength of all major muscle groups Improve your digestion and strengthen your abdomen Stimulate and massage your spine Gently tone your heart Increase circulation to your brain Invigorating DVD Tired of feeling sluggish after exercising? Welcome to this most invigorating set of yoga.In this Invigorating workout you will: Oxygenate your entire body Learn to balance while strengthening your abdominals Stretch and tone your hips and groin Open your chest and increase your lung capacity Soothe and tone your central nervous system …and much more Goodbye Inertia DVD Yoga is the best way to get fit! The time-tested postures and exercises work wonders on the body-both inside and out. Yoga tones your muscles, but that’s not all-even the internal systems of the body become stronger and healthier. Your nerves, circulation, and digestion improve so your body can work more efficiently. Goodbye Inertia takes you through a series of exercises that will banish your lethargy. You will: Wake up your spine with spinal twists-and that means energy! Tone kidneys, liver, and pancreas Slim your waistline Tone sciatic nerves and adrenal glands Improve the health of your reproductive organs (Total running time: Approx. 150 minutes) “Wai Lana’s Hello Fitness workout series is seen by millions worldwide. Now you can practice with her daily as she performs postures to soothing music specially composed for this discipline. Elegant and graceful, Wai Lana is a charming host…” -Nexus, Colorado’s Holistic Journal Level: Intermediate


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