Intro – Week 3 – Day 1 – Total Body

Repeat for a total of 4 rounds

Dumbbell Step-Up To Front Kick
1. Begin with a box of an appropriate height 1-2 feet away on the floor. Stand with the feet hip-width apart, arms by the sides with dumbbells in hands. This is the start position.
2. Maintaining balance, use the left leg to step up onto the elevated surface, pushing through the heel of the left foot.
3. From here, lift the right leg off the floor and extend it in front of the hip line while flexing the right foot.
4. Reverse this movement to step down off the box.
*This can be done without dumbbells

Primary Muscles Worked
Quadriceps, Glutes, & Hamstrings

Lateral Bear Crawl
1. Begin on the hands and feet with the wrists underneath the shoulders, and knees bent underneath the hips at a 90-degree angle. Knees should be elevated right above the floor. This is the start position.
2. Keeping the back flat, “walk” the left hand and right foot to the right a few inches. Pause, then “walk” the right hand and left foot to the right, continuing to move side to side.

Primary Muscles Worked
Abdominals, Shoulders, Quadriceps

Static Lunge
1. Stand upright with the feet hip-distance apart, then take a large step forward with one foot. This is the start position.
2. Lower the back knee to a 90 degree angle so both knees are bent, then press up to the start position and repeat.

Primary Muscles Worked
Glutes, Quadriceps, & Hamstrings

Breakdance Push-Ups
1. Begin on the hands and feet with the wrists underneath shoulders, slightly wider than the shoulders width. This is the start position.
2. Keeping the hips lifted, begin to bend the elbows and lower torso down toward the floor.
3. Continue downward until the chest is about an inch or two from the ground and then slowly push back up through the palms to the start position.
4. From here, bring the left foot underneath the body while bringing the right hand off the floor to meet the foot.
5. Return to the start position and repeat, staying on the same side until repetitions are complete, then switch to the other side.

Primary Muscles Worked
Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, and Abdominals

Flutter Kicks
1. Lie flat on the back with arms straight out to the sides and palms facing down for stability.
2. Lift the legs 4 to 6 inches off the floor, pressing the lower back into the mat.
3. Keep the legs straight raising one leg above the other, then switch, moving in a fluttering (up and down) motion.

Primary Muscles Worked

Repeat for a total of 4 rounds