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Rachel Cooper is a certified fitness instructor committed to helping others get results, and making the count! Rachel personally created an online exercise program that can be completed with or without equipment for all fitness levels. Rachel was just an average person who decided it was time to change her lifestyle. With her 8 week online training program, you will be able to have the chance to change your lifestyle as well. With video tutorials and easy to follow instructions for each exercise, you will be able to simplify your exercise regimen and reach your goals, increase your strength, and be healthier all around!

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Rachel works with a diverse population of clientele
both individually and in group classes.

Rachel’s training experience includes; individuals struggling with weight loss, strength and conditioning, injury rehabilitation, obese children, high school sports performance, squash performance, golf performance, and the elderly. Rachel also coaches those looking to develop a clean, WHOLE-foods based diet. She does not tell her clients what to eat, but councils them on how to build healthier eating habits. Her strong desire to help others  live a healthy lifestyle inspires her to proactively coach people from all walks of life. What sets Rachel apart from other training coaches is that she, like many, once lived an unhealthy lifestyle and therefore understands the challenges that arise during the process. Rachel was just an average person who decided it was time to get results and make them count!