Intermediate with Equipment – Week 4 – Day 5 – Total Body

Repeat for a total of 4 rounds

Dumbbell Squat, Curl, To Press
1. Start standing straight up with the feet shoulder width apart and dumbbells in each hand on the side of the body. This is the start position.
2. Begin to bend the knees and sit back into a squat motion, keeping arms straight and weight in the heels.
3. From the squat position, straighten the legs and curl the dumbbells to the shoulders at the same time.
4. From here, press the weight over the head with the palms facing forward.
5. Bring the dumbbells back down to the waste, then repeat the movement.

Primary Muscles Worked
Quadriceps, Glutes, Biceps, and Shoulders

Breakdance Push-Ups
1. Begin on the hands and feet with the wrists underneath shoulders, slightly wider than the shoulders width. This is the start position.
2. Keeping the hips lifted, begin to bend the elbows and lower torso down toward the floor.
3. Continue downward until the chest is about an inch or two from the ground and then slowly push back up through the palms to the start position.
4. From here, bring the left foot underneath the body while bringing the right hand off the floor to meet the foot.
5. Return to the start position and repeat, staying on the same side until repetitions are complete, then switch to the other side.

Primary Muscles Worked
Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, and Abdominals

Speed Skater
1. Begin by stepping the right leg behind the left so that the legs are crossed at the thighs.
2. Bring the right arm forward and the left arm behind.
3. In an explosive movement, take a wide hop or step with the right foot out to the right side, crossing the left leg behind the right.
4. Continue this back and forth in a lateral movement at a relatively fast pace.

Primary Muscles Worked
Quadriceps, Glutes, Hamstrings, and Obliques

Star Jump
1. Begin by squatting down halfway with the arms in front of the knees. This is the start position.
2. From here, explode back up as high as possible, extending both the legs and arms away from the body during the jump.
3. Bringing the legs and arms back together, return to the start position.

Primary Muscles Worked
Total Body

Box Jump
1. Begin with a box of an appropriate height 1-2 feet away on the floor. Facing the box, stand with the feet hip to shoulder width apart. This is the start position.
2. Bend both knees, and sit into the squat position in preparation for jumping.
3. Extending through the hips, knees, and balls of the feet, jump as high as possible using the arms to propel forward and up.
4. Land softly on the box with the knees bent, absorbing the impact through the legs.
5. Step down one leg at a time to return to the start position.
6. Immediately repeat the movement.

Primary Muscles Worked
Quadriceps, Glutes, & Hamstrings