Intermediate with Equipment – Week 4 – Day 7 – Core

Repeat for a total of 4 rounds

Flutter Kicks
1. Lie flat on the back with arms straight out to the sides and palms facing down for stability.
2. Lift the legs 4 to 6 inches off the floor, pressing the lower back into the mat.
3. Keep the legs straight raising one leg above the other, then switch, moving in a fluttering (up and down) motion.

Primary Muscles Worked

Seated Russian Twist
1. Begin in a seated position with the knees bent and lift the feet right above the floor
2. Lean back slightly to create a V-shape with the torso and thighs.
3. Keep the abdominal muscles engaged, and twist the torso to the right. Rotate back through center, then twist to the left.
Modification: Keep feet flat on the floor
Primary Muscles Worked
Abdominals and Obliques

Butterfly Sit Ups
1. Lie flat on the back with the bottoms of the feet together, knees pointing in opposite directions This is the start position.
2. Using the abdominal muscles, bring the torso upright, then round over the legs and toes.
3. From here, slowly lower the torso, vertebrae by vertebrae, back down to the start position.

Primary Muscles Worked

Mountain Climbers
1. Begin on the hands and feet with the wrists underneath shoulders. Keep the abs pulled in and back flat without letting the hips sink.
2. Draw the right knee into the chest, then quickly switch and pull the left knee in.
3. Continue to switch knees, drawing one knee into the chest while the other remains straight. Continuously switching simultaneously using a “running” motion.

Primary Muscles Worked
Abdominals, Shoulders, Quadriceps

Sprinter Sit-Ups
1. Lie down flat on the back, legs straight out in front, and hands at the side of the body. This is the start position.
2. Sit up while bringing one elbow to the opposite knee.
3. Reverse the move to return to the starting position, then repeat the movement with the opposite knee and elbow.

Primary Muscles Worked