Taking Pre-Workout Supplements

If you’ve committed to regular exercise than you probably want to get the most out of your workout! After a long day of work, or early mornings before work, hitting the gym before you even get there can feel exhausting.

This is when pre-workout supplements might come in handy. Pre-workout supplements increase power, intensity, and overall energy. It can keep you pumped on the days you don’t feel like going to the gym!

The problem with most pre workout supplements is that they contain high amounts of unnatural stimulants which can cause jitters, cramping, restlessness, and high blood pressure. If not taken correctly, these side effects can be even worse.

Over the years I’ve tried different pre workout supplements, and also went a long stretch without using anything at all. However, in the last year, there is one pre workout supplement I’ve used consistently; Vega Sport Energizer. Let me be clear that I do NOT use any preworkout supplement for every workout. I recommend using it only on days you really need that extra push!

What I like about Vega Sport Energizer is that the ingredients are natural forms of caffeine and no scary chemicals you can’t even pronounce. Vega Sport Energizer has 100mg of caffeine from natural sources such as, coconut oil powder, Yerba Mate, and green tea. You also will not find and artificial coloring or sweeteners in this preworkout.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who likes that jittery rush that always comes to a screeching halt, then this is not the preworkout supplement for you. If you need that extra push, with sustainable energy that won’t come crashing down on you, I highly recommend Vega Sport Energizer!



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